Saturday, June 2, 2007


Let me digress and announce here some good news sent by a friend, Michael Genelin, an American writer living with his lovely wife, Susy, in Paris. Michael had been a lawyer for years, and after he retired, he took on consultant positions abroad. He's also a writer of murder mysteries. He had several completed novels and quite a lot of frustration as he (like all writers) went through the process of trying to find a publisher. One day, his wife Susy attended a book launching in Paris of a murder mystery. Susy met the publisher - and it's all history from then on, because this publisher accepted not just one novel by Michael, but TWO.

Michael recently sent an email:

My first endorsement for the novel. I thought I would forward it on to you. I'm very happy, and a little dazed by Tom Perry's words. PS Got the hard cover galleys last week. Read it cover to cover at one sitting. It doesn't get much better than this

A terrific novel by a man who knows crime, knows Europe, and knows how to write. Siren of the Waters is a genuine pleasure. Blurb by Tom Perry

SIRENS OF THE WATERS is scheduled for release next May, 2008.

Photo to the left shows Cecilia Brainard, Susy Genelin, and Michael Genelin; Photo above shows Michael Genelin, Lauren Brainard, Susy Genelin - taken in Paris, 2005

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