Thursday, May 11, 2017

Filipino American Writers at LitFest Pasadena #literature #California

Please join us on Saturday, May 20, at 2 p.m. at the Walt Girdner Photo Studio and Gallery, 27 South Molina Ave, Pasadena, CA, for a panel discussion on "Cute as a Filipino on a Saturday Night" -- with Panel head Noel Alumit, and other writers: Boni Alvarez, Angela Penaredondo,and Chris Santiago. The phrase is from Raymond Chandler's "Big Sleep." This should be a lively discussion and hope to see some of you there!

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Anonymous said...

what a cute panel!

kidding aside, my guess is it's an anachronism. There weren't many "Filipinas" around in 1930's. Almost all male laborers. Those few here were already married, from my understanding, and the catholic influence on chastity meant they were probably ensconced at home on a Saturday night .

On the other hand, he uses the masculine form of Filipino. He could be referencing gay filipinos out cruising for a haole on a Saturday night in China town. I wouldn't be surprised by that.

What does it mean in the greater scheme of literature? Not much. Don't need more filipino writers to offset such representations with "accurate" ones. what is accurate to begin with? Do need more filipino writers publishing, certainly, but not to correct the record; rather, to just have more great literature!

I don't think we ought to police creative representations. The writer didn't say it, the character did. In fact, you might argue that the character may be too accurate a character in this day and age. Because honestly, if you really wanted historical accuracy, there'd be a lot of ugly period movies, novels, and tv shows. That's just a fact in how white people spoke and regarded others of color. Including this protagonist.

So actually, the one thing you might question is the "honesty" of the writer. Is he changing the sensibility of his 1930 character to fit the acceptable tastes of today's readers?

Ben Soriano