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Old News Articles - Mariano Cuenco Family of Cebu



Thanks to Cebuano Kabilin (Instagram) for old news clippings about my Manguerra Family and my maternal Cuenco Family.  There is a separate blog entry for the Manguerra Family -

This blog entry focuses on my mother's family - Cuenco:

Obituary of Mariano Albao Cuenco who died on July 7, 1921

Governor-General of the Philippines Teddy Roosevelt Jr. and Wife visit the home of Mariano Jesus Cuenco in Cebu; Daughters entertain them.

Concepcion Cuenco is a debater from the Inmaculada Concepcion - Jan. 17, 1931

Concepcion Cuenco wins Second Prize in Piano Concert - Sept. 28, 1930

Governor Mariano Jesus Cuenco heads Hijos del Pueblo of entire Cebu provinec, Bag-Ong Kuson Jan 23, 1931

Concepcion Cuenco and Panares, Bag-Ong Kusog, March 21, 1937

Concepcion Cuenco is Progress Standard Bearer in Carnival Queen Race

Concepcion Cuenco Is a candidate for Carnival Queen of Cebu, Bag-on Kusog, April 16, 1931

Concepcion Cuenco is Cebu's Carnival Queen, Bag-ong Kusog, April 24, 1931

Concepcion Cuenco is Cebu's Carnival Queen, Progress, April 18, 1931

1931 Carnival announcment by Jose P. Nolasco

Gov. Cuenco director - 1933 Carnival Directors 

Apostolic Delegate Piani in Cebu for Cuenco and Garcia Investitures - Aug. 21, 1932

Concepcion Cuenco at UP Circulo Cervantino Dance, The Tribune, Wed. Aug. 17, 1932

Concecpion Cuenco in Cervantinos Dance - La Vanguardia, Aug. 13, 1932

Concepcion Cuenco in Los Cervantinos Reception, La Vanguardia Aug. 9, 1932

Concepcion Cuenco at UP Engineering Association Dance, Trove, Nov. 26, 1933


Filomena Alesna Cuenco writes The Legend of the Siete Pecados Islands, Bag-ong Kusog, Jan. 1, 1932

Juana Lopez Veloso dies - Bag-ong Kusog, Feb. 16, 1934

Juana Lopez dies

Concepcion Cuenco weds Mariano Manguerra, The Tribune May 13, 1934

Concepcion Cuenco Manguerra - member of Sigma Beta Sorority

Concepcion Cuenco Manguerra in recital - La Vanguardia, April 4, 1935

Dr. Manuel Cuenco and Milgros Veloso Elope, Progress, Feb. 18, 1934

Manuel Cuenco goes abroard La Vanguardia, April 4, 1935

Newspaper ad, 1936

Milagros Veloso Cuenco gives birth. La Revolucion, Aug. 30, 1937

Burial of Filomena Alesna Cuenco, Bag-Ong Kusog, June 16, 1939

Monsignor Jose Ma. Cuenco holds "Bodas de Plata", Bag-Ong Kusog, June 16, 1939

Brasil visa 1948 for Jose Ma. Cuenco

Archbishop Jose Ma. Cuenco, The Times, Nov. 17, 1951

Concepcion Cuenco Manguerra talks about her Carnival Days, Weekend Sunstar, September 1994

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