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Old News Clippings - Mariano Manguerra Family #SantaRosa

 Thanks to Cebuano Kabilin (Instagram) for these old news clippings about the Cuenco and Manguerra familikes and other related articles. In this blog, I will post the articles about the Manguerra Family, my father side.

Here is another blog site with news clippings of the Cuenco Family:

March 21, 1868? Pablo Manguerra Baptismal certificate, son of Gerarda Monsod, and Felix Manguerra, and his grandparents

My paternal grandfather Pablo Manguerra was President in Santa Rosa Municipal Council
El Progreso, Aug. 18, 1901

Mariano Manguerra president of the Filipino Association in Valparaiso University, The Torch Oct. 5, 1917

My father, Prof. Mariano Manguerra was a member of the Executive Committee of PAAF (an athelitic group) ~ La Vanguardia, March 8, 1930

Mariano Manguerra, member of Executive Committtee of PAAF, La Vanguardia, July 25, 1930

My father, Mariano Manguerra in a tennis tournament, La Vanguardia Jan 10, 1931

Mariano Manguerra in a Baseball Team, Sept, 18, 1931 La Vanguardia ?

Mariano Manguerra Swim Meet - The Tribune, Oct. 10, 1933 0 

Mariano Manguerra and Concepcion Cuenco Wed - The Tribune, May 13, 1934

Victoria Manguerra baptized, The Tribune, Nov. 1, 1936

Mariano Manguerra Jr. baptized, The Tribune Feb. 25, 1940

Prof. Mariano Manguerra, front row, seated in black coat, 4th from left - Tau Alpha photo

Freeman Article, December 19, 2016 by Clarence Paul Oaminal

Eng. Mariano F. Manguerra, Cebu City Acting Mayor - This arcile talks about Mariano Manguerra, "Mariano F. Manguerra became Acting Cebu City Mayor during the interlude of Cebu City Mayors Vicente del Rosario, Dr. Luis Espina, and Atty. Miguel Raffinan.

It was Acting Mayor Mariano Manguerra that approved City Ordinance No. 47 on May 23, 1947. The ordinance was entitled "An Ordinance Prohibiting the Installation and use of Loud Speaker connected with cinematograph, theater, show houses, etc. or operated by business establishment as a medium of advertisement."

The resolution was enacted by the Municipal Board of Cebu on May 16, 1947 and authored by Councilor Filemon R. Zapanta. The purpose of the prohibition of the loudspeakers was to avoid causing nuisance to the public or unnecessary inconvenience of any kind which may be affected by such installation..."  

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