Friday, September 28, 2007


The political situation in Myanmar breaks my heart. Here's a news excerpt dated September 22. There have been more protests and subsequent crackdown of Myanmar's military junta. Recently they have been raiding Buddhist monasteries to prevent the monks from protesting:

"Detained Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi stepped out of her home in tears on Saturday to greet Buddhist monks marching past the compound where she is confined by the military junta, witnesses said.

Armed guards usually block the road leading to the rambling lakeside house, but in an unprecedented move, they allowed about 1,000 monks to walk past the home where she was been detained for most of the last 18 years.

Under rainy skies, Suu Kyi walked out with two other women and cried as she paid her respects to the monks as they marched past in the mid-afternoon, the witnesses said.

The monks stopped outside her home for about 15 minutes and chanted a Buddhist prayer: "May we be completely free from all danger, may we be completely free from all grief, may we be completely free from poverty, may we have peace in heart and mind.

The witnesses said she did not appear to speak to the monks, who have been leading a series of protests against the military government since Monday."

For more current news, go to Ko Htike's blog:

Friday, September 21, 2007


Louie Nacorda sent in this Old Cebu Trivia about Zulueta Street in Old Cebu:

"Anyway, I found some Old Cebu trivia that could be of interest to us:
Zulueta's old name was Calle Pizzaro;
Mabini was Calle Maria Cristina;
Logarta was Calle Cadiz;
Lopez Jaena was Calle Hernan Cortes,
and the whole area was under Pueblo de Parian.

These info compliments of Don Domingo de Escondrillas, Cebu cartographer,
circa 1873."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Louie Narcorda, founder of the Cofradia of St. John the Baptist in Cebu City, sent some pictures of their recent celebration of St. John's feast for his beheading. Here's some information about St. John the Baptist: He was the son of Zachary and Elizabeth, cousin of Mary. The Angel Gabriel told Zachary his wife would have a son even though she was old. St. John lived as a hermit in the desert. When he was 30, he began to preach. Jesus went to him in the river Jordan to be baptized. John recognized Him and said, "It is I who should be baptized by you." John was beheaded by Herod at the request of Salome. St. John's feast is celebrated on June 24. His beheading is celebrated on August 29.

Photos:1) top left foto - L-R: Dr. Joy Gerra, Doña Luz Mancao vda. de Sandiego,
Dr. Mae Cabahug Mendoza, Janet Trocino Hermosa and Jenara Regis Newman;

2) top right foto - front row - L-R: Val Sandiego, Soly Taladua, Inday
Abarre, Joy Gerra, Cookie Newman, Luz Sandiego, Linda Martinez, Janet
Hermosa, Ofelia Sandiego, Josefa Gorordo de Revilles.
back row, L-R: Louie Nacorda, Ferdinand Ventura, Jerry Martin Noel
Alfafara, Gavin Bagares, Chilet Hermosa, Bingo Redoble;

3) Lower left foto - L-R: Val Sandiego, Margie Matheu, Chilet Hermosa,
Cookie Newman, Msgr. Cayetano Gelbolingo, P.A., Vicar General of the
Archdiocese of Cebu and spiritual director of the Cofradia de San Juan
Bautista, Janet Hermosa, Pepita Revilles, Inday Abarre and Louie Nacorda.

4) Lower right foto - L-R: Louie Nacorda, Jerry Martin Alfafara, Chilet
Hermosa and Nandy Ventura.