Friday, May 3, 2024

Creative Writing Tips by Fiction Writer Cecilia Brainard


I'm sharing Creative Writing Tips that I've developed after writing, editing of over 20 books. I have been teaching and lecturing about Creative Writing for decades. My official website is ceciliabrainarddotcom.

Creative Writing Tips # 1- Write in a Sensuous Way

Creative Writing Tip #2 - Make a Date with Your Muse

Creative Writing Tip #3 - Show Don't Tell 

Creative Writing Tip #4 -  Writer's Block

Creative Writing Tip #5 - Complex vs Flat Characters

Creative Writing Tip #6 - Writing Space

Creative Writing Tip #7 - What Is Your Story?

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Manny Gonzalez on the Palestine Crisis


Manny Gonzalez, who is noted for being the CEO and principal owner of the the famous resort in Mactan Cebu, Plantation Bay, is also a writer. He writes of his travels, of food, and he also explores complex international issues such as the current Palestine crisis. 


 He has written about this problem -- he is a columnist at the Philippine Star --- and he has also created a four part video.  You can watch "The Non-Zero-Sum Solution to the Palestine Crisis" here:  


Video 1: Prisoners of their Expertise 

Video 2: Not Two-States-Side-by-Side, but Two States Far Apart !

Video 3: If We Build New Palestine, They Will Come


Here also is his link to his articles at the Philippine Star

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My Cousin, The Biz Wiz: Profile on Manny Gonzalez 

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Certificates of Recognition - Cecilia Brainard

I have not been diligent in documenting Certificates of Recognition that I've received. Here are some recent ones: from the Cebuano Studies Center, Philippine Embassies in D.C. and Jedda, CTU, UP Cebu, CTU, Miriam College. LEAP, Capiz State U.

I'll add any more I find in my filing cabinet. Many thanks to the various institutions for the recognition.








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