Monday, November 28, 2022

Crypto Resurrection by Manny Gonzalez - Guest Blogger


My Guest Blogger is Manny Gonzalez. This appeared in the Philippine Star, November 26, 2022. It is reprinted in my blog by permission of the author.  Thanks to Manny Gonzalez.



By Manny Gonzalez. 

Mr. Gonzalez brings a unique multi-disciplinary perspective to this issue – public policy, financial analysis, and technology. As an officer of the World Bank, Mr. Gonzalez advised governments and financial institutions; as an investment banker he designed financial derivatives and assessed IPOs. He has been awarded 7 US Patents related to gathering information on the internet (, Inventor: Gonzalez, Emmanuel). He is now a successful entrepreneur. MBA Columbia University, Robert J. McKim, Jr., Fellow, and Roswell McCrea Award winner. For more details and list of publications, please see

In two previous articles published in the Philippine Star in 2018 (“Bitcoins — The Emperor Has No Clothes” and “Bitcoins AND Blockchains - Murphy’s Law”), I attempted to warn readers of the lack of logic behind cryptocurrencies. This year, 2022, my views were echoed by Warren Buffett and Paul Krugman.

Growing Up Filipino 3 / Book Trailer


The 3 volumes of the GROWING UP FILIPINO SERIES make great Christmas gifts. Check them out in Amazon and Barnes and Noble -- Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults; Growing Up Filipino: More Stories for Young Adults; and Growing Up Filipino: New Stories for Young Adults.

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Spain More Pictures - Barcelona

My Nov. 15 blog entry with pictures of Spain has become too long, thus this additional blog entry.

Here are more photos of Barcelona.  These were taken during our City Tour.

Note "Obama" shop, right side. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Pictures - Spain: Malaga, Mijas, Ronda, Barcelona


Here are some pictures taken in Spain: Malaga, Mijas, Ronda. I will add more pictures, including photos of Barcelona 

Malaga - photos show the Cathedral and the old section of Malaga. Our host is shown cooking paella for us.


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Guest Blogger Manuel Lino Faelnar - Cebuano Advocate


My Guest Blogger is MANUEL LINO FAELNAR, am advocate of the native Cebuano language. I knew him way back in Cebu as a good friend of my brother Jess Manguerra. I was recently surprised and delighted to read some of his poems in Bisaya and asked if he could share those in my blog. He kindly obliged. Here then is information and the poems with translation by Manuel Faelnar. 


Born in  Cebu City  September 23, 1938. 
Primary schooling (grades 1-4) Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción, Cebu City. 
Intermediate (grades 5-6) and High School (1st to 4 th year) 
Colegio del Sto.Niño, Cebu City (HS class 1956).
Pre-Law Ateneo de Manila (class 1958).
Law and Jurisprudence (Ll.B and BSJ)
University of the Philippines, Diliman , QC (class 1962)
MBA UP Cebu.
Degré Français Comerciale, Alliance Française de Manille.


Counsel, Asian Development Bank , 1970-1996.
Resource person of DepEd, Reviewer for Cebuano language materials for the Mother Tongue-Based Multi Lingual Education Program.

 I have always felt at ease writing Binisaya poems as, in my view, I would not be constrained by foreign (i.e., Western) structures and straight
jackets. I could write very much as I pleased and as I felt, giving free vent to the flow of my native tongue.  
  I would like to share with you some of my poems. The first one, Hinumdom (Memory) was published by Sonny Villafania in Makata 2004 (a web site). In the spirit of World Poetry Day which will fell on on March 21, 2005, I write both the Cebuano and English versions. Both versions can be sung to the tune of  I Wonder Who's Kissing her Now.  copyright is not a problem.The tune is very old so
Here is the first poem.

Hinumdom (Memory)
Nganong nahinumdom ako,
Hinumdom ako kanimo,
Ang kagahapon wala magdayon,
Nganong nahinumdum ako.
Nganong gimingaw man ako,
Gimingaw ako kanimo,
Akong pagpangga gitalikdan mo, 
Nganong gimingaw man ako.
Imong gitalikdan ako,
Nasamdan and kasingkasing,
Apan pag-agi sa mga tuig,
Baga na sabliga'g tubig.
Ang palad wala mag-uyon,
Ugod kita magdayon,
Og pag-agi's dugayng panahon, 
Wala nay gibati karon.
Hinkalimtam untang tanan,
Lahi na ang kinabuhi,
Nganong mibalik and paghinumdom, 
Batan-on, wala pay dag-um."

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Interview of Filipino Novelist Linda Ty-Casper



I did this interview of the Filipino author Linda Ty-Casper several years ago, before her husband the noted literary critic Leonard Casper passed away. I am sharing it as part of the celebration of the release of her new book, WILL YOU HAPPEN, PAST THE SILENCE, THROUGH THE DARK? REMEMBERING LEONARD RALPH CASPER. 


In this book, Linda collects letters to and from her late husband into a collection she calls his "Memoir." The book is avaiable from, Barnes and Noble, and Cecilia Brainard


Where were you born? When? Number of siblings?

I was born in the Mary Chiles Hospital, Tondo or Santa Cruz, Manila, September 17, 1931. Just we two, but we had many cousins who were like brothers and sisters to us.


What was your family like? (Siblings, Where did you live? What were your parents like? Family activities. Games? Read a lot? Athletic family?

I just have one sister, younger; Freida. We both attended George Elementary in Santa Cruz; Caloocan High, and U.P. She took Public Administration, was Chief of Personnel of the defunct Batasan Pambansa. She’s retired now; visits her son in LA. Other son: a Lt. colonel; youngest son, a doctor. Seven apos. Len and I have none.


After I was born we lived in Santa Cruz. My grandmother’s brother had a house on Felix Huertas which faced on open field that became the Manila Jockey Club. When she moved her family (after her husband died) from San Isidro, that was one of the places where she stayed temporarily before moving to 604 Calle Camarines which intersects with Felix Huertas; an accessoria now called townhouse. She had 4 living daughters, three other children died in San Isidro. She had lived through the Revolution against Spain, the Philippine-American War.