Saturday, June 29, 2019

Novelist Cecilia Brainard at #Cebulitfest #cebulitfestXKomiket

Day 1 of the #cebulitfest  brimmed with energy and creativity, laced with sweet renewal with old friends and kindred literary people. Stay tuned for Day 2 on Sunday June 30. I'll be there from around 10 am till late pm. Many thanks to Hendri Go 吳華順 organizer of the  festival and my family, friends, and supporters.

Here are some pictures taken at the CebuLitFest in Cebu, June 29 and June 30, 2019:

Philippine Edition of Cecilia's First novel, When the Rainbow Goddess Wept

June 28, 2019: Planning meeting of l-r: Giovanni Jose, Cecilia Brainard, and Hendri Go

June 28:  Chance meeting with l-r: John Labella, Cecilia, Mayor Edgar Labella, Giovani Jose, Hendri Go 

June 29, 2019:  photo includes Philippine National Artist of Literature Resil Mojares, Guest, Cecilia, Giovanni Jose.

June 29, 2019: picture shows Cecilia with poet Lawrence Ypil and his publisher.

June 29, 2019:  l-r: Belle Paraz, Hendri Go, Cecilia, Ma. Patricia M. Aberasturi

June 29, 2019: Christian Ray Licen and Cecilia Brainard

June 29, 2019: Marvin Pableo asked me to write my dedication in Cebuano on his copy of the newly released "When the Rainbow Goddess Wept" (USTPH Philippine edition). W!hile I speak Cebuano I had to think about writing in my first tongue. I remembered what Cebuana writer and mentor Lina Espina Moore had told me years ago: "Write like you talk" -- and I did that. The pictures are courtesy of Marvin. 
The dedication translates as follows: "Dear Marvin, I hope your reading of my novel will give you joy. Thank you, Cecilia Brainard

June 30, 2019, Cecilia and Giovannit doing their presentation

June 30, 2019: 
 looked for graphic novelist Paolo Herras to buy a copy of his work, STRANGE NATIVES, a most intriguing graphic novel with Filipino themes. I had a copy but had given it to someone who begged to have it. Paolo ran out of copies but I found these 2 books by him in collaboration with other artists. The photo shows Paolo, Cecilia, and Giovanni Jose.

June 30, 2019: I met the members of Cebu's THE STRAY POETS COLLECTIVE and I was thrilled to hear of their work, which includes the publication of the chapbook PORN. Congratulations to The Stray Poets Collective members: Marie Noelle Alino, Porter James, Miguel Santos. Jordaine Climaco, Kregian Vareare Miral, Charry Caulada, Dominique Ann Yap. Hedda Gimena, Daphne Manigos, and Gino Paradela. Their chapbook includes poetry by Angelica Perry, Djet Mae Jao, Dustin Rene Bernasor, Jefferson del Rosario, and Charmelagne Yu. Edited by Leah May Lim-Atienza. Design and layout by Alyssa Pat Narciso. The picture shows Cecilia and Giovanni Jose with some members of The Stray Poets Collective.

June 29, 2019: Cecilia Brainard and Jed M. Bellen

July 1, 2019:
Dinner at Etta's in #AyalaCebu with friends l-r: Belle Paraz, Cecilia, Lyn Ocampo. Etta's has wonderful Pancit Negra (with black squid sauce), crispy pig's ear (looks and tastes like calamari), pork belly, fried chicken, and other somewhat eclectic #Filipinofood. I've eaten there twice and will go back. Angel Osmeña

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Philippine Edition of Cecilia Brainard's War Novel at #CebuLitFest


The Philippine edition of Cecilia Manguerra Brainard’s novel, When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, will be released by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House. The author, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, will be at the Cebu Literary Festival (CebuLitFest) on June 29 and 30, 2019, Ayala Center, Cebu, Philippines, to celebrate this publication.

The internationally acclaimed novel, When the Rainbow Goddess, first appeared under the title of Song of Yvonne in 1991. New York publisher Dutton/Penguin published it in 1994 under the title of When the Rainbow Goddess Wept. It was subsequently published by the University of Michigan Press (Ann Arbor Imprint). The novel, which received favorable reviews, was translated into Turkish by the Bilge Kultur Sanat in 2001. In print for almost thirty years, the novel remains the subject of numerous academic studies and continues to be used in English, Literature, History, even Political Science classrooms.