Saturday, July 21, 2012

Linda Nietes and MAGNIFICAT

And here's feedback from Linda Nietes (book seller, Philippine Expressions) about MAGNIFICAT:
Today, I received my contributor's copy of Magnificat and like a mother waiting for the birth of her first child, I waited with much hope that the edited copy of my piece will be perfect. Since this is my first try at formal writing, my thanks to editor Cecilia Brainard for including "When Mama Mary Called from Fatima" which I wrote in memory of my oldest sister, Violeta Puzon. So, friends and clients, if you want to read my essay which is one of 15 essays by various authors on Mama Mary's Pilgrim Sites, the book will be available soon from Philippine Expressions Bookshop. If you enjoy the book, tell me; if you do not, tell Cecilia. :-)

My hope is that whoever reads the book will be imbued with more love and devotion to our Blessed Mother.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm happy to share an email from Lucila Dypiangco, fondly known as Mrs. D. by STC graduates. Here's her response when she received her complimentary copy of MAGNIFICAT: Mama Mary's Pilgrim Sites. Mrs. D. helped me find contributors and we also used one or two pictures that she sent, in the book. Thank you Mrs. D!
Dear Cecilia,

THE BOOK just came, and I wasted no time!  I tore the thick Manila envelope open, grabbed its contents and started flipping through the pages.  What precious treasure you managed to pack into this unassuming little volume!

So far I have read only the pieces written by the Theresians to whom I am forwarding this (Cc-line above), as well as by my daughter-in-law, of course.  They all seem to be imbued with that filial devotion we share as Mary's devoted children, but each bears its author's special mark as each of our own children distinguishes him/herself from the rest of the siblings.

My sincere congratulations to you for achieving such a masterful feat of gathering all these gems and stringing them together into a beautiful living rosary.

My heartfelt gratitude to each of your contributors for unselfishly sharing their private personal experiences with us and for inspiring readers for generations to come.

You are all great and I am grateful.

Mrs. D/ Lucila Ocampo Dypiangco