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Spain More Pictures - Barcelona

My Nov. 15 blog entry with pictures of Spain has become too long, thus this additional blog entry.

Here are more photos of Barcelona.  These were taken during our City Tour.

Note "Obama" shop, right side. 

Arc de Triumph 

Plaza de Catalunya --
pigeon haven

Christopher Columbus monument 

Something was going on because there were many armed policemen near the wharf

Beautiful mound of chicharon or pork cracklings. I may get some tomorrow. 

I have many pictures of Parc Quell and the Sagrada Familia, but internet is very slow. I'll post a few, but check back next week for more (when internet is better).

Here are some photos of Parc Quell, a high-end 17.5 hectare housing /park development that Antoni Gaudi created for his friend Eusebi Quell. The original goal had been to have 60 houses in this exclusive development in the early 1900s in Barcelona, but the area was inaccessible and in the end only Guell, Gaudi, and Trias had houses there.
I love the fantasia feeling of the Parc benches, the "market", the houses, even the fences.
Today I learned that Gaudi was religious and named "Servant of God" as part of his journey toward sainthood. 


Posing with Gaudi sculpture, near Parc Quell





Lauren with the famous Salamander of Parc Guell. This salamander has a Mexican- folkart feel.

 View of the Mediterranean from Parc Quell

Detail ceiling 


Gaudi created this palm frond inspired fence around Guell's house.

The wavy bench with ceramic mosaic is my favorite and inspires me to try making mosaic tile work sometime.


Gaudi created buildings and structures so rain water would drain into a cistern and be reused. These benches had holes on the lower backend and a kind of gutter in the back for collecting water.

Gaudi's house where he, his father and niece lived. 

Side of Guell's house. The Parc had Gaudi's house, Guell's, and Trias's. The three were good friends.

Sagrada Familia - I have more pictures, check back next week


Gothic quarter - check back next week for more pictures 


Tile art showing walls and gate entry to the Gothic Quarter 

The Gothic Cathedral rented out ad space to Samsung -- what a shame.

Th gargoyles show creatures that look like cows, dogs, unicorns, and more. 


Detail on wall of Historic Archives building
Gothic Cathedral main altar


Choir seats 

We also visited the Santa Maria del Mar Church, built in the late 1300s by the people for the people, and recently made famous by a novel and Netflix series.

Check back for more pictures. 

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