Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Example of a Clean Creek - Philippines Are You Listeining?

Another Example of a Clean Creek - Philippines Are You Listening?

My readers know that I'm an advocate for clean rivers and creeks in the Philippines.  Here is an article I wrote about Cleaning up the Rivers of Cebu:

And here are pictures of a creek in Beaune, France (the Wine Capital of Burgundy, France). This creek is clean and has always been clean.  The local women washed clothes in the covered area on the righthand side. There is a trough with clean creek water for the washer women. It's practical and beautiful at the same time.

Philippines - let's clean up our creeks and rivers!

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Melanie Bularan said...

Thank you for advocating this. I came across your blog while looking for ways to avoid heavy flooding in the Philippines, such as this one brought by typhoon Maring.

I'll be following you as I continue to look for ways to help in my own way.