Monday, June 3, 2013

ARCHITECTURE: Beautiful Old Houses in the Philippines

 The architecture in the Philippines is quite interesting.  Influences from the Malay, Chinese, Spaniards, Americans, and other peoples who occupied this archipelago are apparent. 

"The late national hero for architecture, Leandro Locsin once said, that Philippine Architecture is an elusive thing, because while it makes full use of modern technology, it is a residue of the different overlays of foreign influences left in the Philippines over the centuries: the early Malay culture and vestiges of earlier Hindu influences, the more than 300 years of Spanish domination, the almost 50 years of American rule, the Arab and Chinese influences through commerce and trade over the centuries. What resulted may have been a hybrid, a totally new configuration which may include a remembrance of the past, but transformed or framed in terms of its significance today."

You'll find old buildings/homes in Intramuros, Manila, Vigan, Cebu, Iloilo, and in many other places. 

Here are some pictures of old buildings and houses in the Philippines. You can get a larger picture by clicking on the image.  

Enjoy. Despite the tragedy of super typhoon Haiyan, Beauty is still in this archipelago. And Filipinos are very sociable. (The Italians of Asia, as my husband says.) They also speak English, a boon to tourists.

Some of the pictures were taken by me, and some are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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