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WE visited Peru for a week in October, traveling to Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Peru is a fascinating place, rich in history. While Lima is large and smoggy, Machu Picchu is absolutely stunning. Here are some pictures to share.

What suggestions do we have to travellers? Bring small change in dollars - $1 and $5 bills, which you can use for tipping and for small purchases. Cusco's high altitude can really affect you, so bring along Diomix or some other medicine for altitude sickness. Pack light and bring informal comfortable clothes and shoes. No fancy jewelry and expensive items please. Place your money, passport and other valuables in a money pack which you can wear around your waist or around your neck. Bring your favorite snack food with you.

When you are in Peru, be aware that many people will try to separate you from your dollars, so don't hesitate bargaining when shopping. Don't over tip--- keep in mind that an average Peruvian earns approximately $9 per day. Avoid "bad" areas - your hotel staff will let you know. (The tourist areas have many policemen around.) Go ahead and try grilled Alpaca and Aji de Gallina and Pisco Sours. Have fun!

October 2003
(Above picture shows Cecilia Brainard in Machu Picchu)\

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