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From Cecilia to Percival:
I should correct you: Juana was my great-greatgrandmother; Remedios was my great-grandmother. If your Lola Concepcion was your grandmother, there is a generational gap so to speak, and I believe this is because Concepcion married twice and you're from the second marriage. I also suspect Concepcion was older than Remedios, which would explain why Juana brought her to the Visayas and not Concepcion who may have been married to the first husband. Speculation lang.

Do you know who the parents of Juana were? Here's a bit of tidbit, my granduncle, Archbishop Cuenco had mentioned a sister of Juana named Blanca. That is all I know. Maybe she's the one who ran off with the Spanish friar? What do you think of what my aunts had said that Juana had been with a Spanish Admiral, that said Admiral was the father of Remedios and Concepcion - true or false, in your opinion?
From Percival to Cecilia

The plot thickens . . .

Juana had a sister, according to my mother, and she too "ran away" with a Spanish friar. What's with those Spanish friars?

Juana's daughter, Concepcion, my Lola Cion, led a busy life in Manila while her mom, Juana, and sister, Remedios led a new life in Cebu or Leyte. They were both originally from Manila (Naic and Tondo).

Lola Cion had two husbands. I presume, the first one died of a natural cause. With a certain Ocampo (I don't have his first name) he had three sons --- Luis (who lived in Sta Ana, Manila by the Pasig River), Raymundo and Tayo (Cayetano?), who both lived in Tondo. Raymundo had a fleet of jeepneys that plied the Divisoria-San Nicolas route. If it was a green-colored jeepney, it belonged to my Tio (we called him Kaka) Mundo.

She was remarried to my grandfather, Damaso Fojas, also of Naic, Cavite. I believe, he was a Katipunero (but this I have to document). The marriage produced only two siblings -- Patrocinio, my mother; and Pacita, my aunt. My mother was the younger of the two.

I remember all my uncles, their wives and family members. But I have very little recollection of Lola Cion. My knowledge of her is based on what my mother had told me. Perhaps, my elder brothers and sisters would have a better recollection or some.

However, I still have a mental picture of Lola Cion's final days - she occupied a large bed that filled the living room of the house in Sta Ana, and the relatives kept coming and going to see her. It was a big house made of nipa, common during those days. There were wooden carved furniture and lamps all around that we now call antique. I was, probably, 4 or 5 years old at that time.

She was laid to rest in the Sta Ana cemetery.
From Cecilia to Percival, commenting on the husband/partner of Juana"
I heard it was a Spanish Admiral, and I never got it straight if she and the guy were actually married. So it would have been a priest, Spanish frayle probably. yes, correct about the second husband, a Veloso from Baybay. I wonder if your Lola Concepcion was older than Remedios. Maybe Concepcion was married when Juana brought young Remedios to the Visayas. Definitely Juana had properties in Cebu; my blog includes a document. I have heard of Menggoy Veloso and I believe he is from the Baybay Veloso side; my Mother knew him. I do not know if he was a Congressman.
Photo shows Juana Lopez

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