Saturday, April 11, 2009


First thing yesterday, I gave Kiki another Selsun Blue bath, which helped her a lot. She loves those baths, as long as her feet are planted firmly on the ground. The lukewarm water must feel good, and the medicated Selsun Blue must also soothe her skin. Poor thing! The part she really hates is after the shampoo, when she is wet and cold. She shivers for a long time, but I can tell that her itchiness has waned.

The antihistamine, Chlorpheniramine 4 mg, that I ordered from didn't come in yesterday; it wasn't their fault, I ordered it Wednesday and I probably won't get it until Monday. I couldn't wait because Kiki was miserable with the itching and with the collar which leaves her so disoriented. I went to RiteAid and looked in the Benadryl, antihistamine section, and would you believe it, I found Chlorpheniramine 4 mg. I gave her half a pill and in just a short time, she relaxed. What happened was she became sleepy, a side effect. Another possible side effect is upset stomach, but Kiki was fine there. She was able to rest and was more comfortable. I gave her another half a pill at night and she slept well. I have to say that because of the antihistamine, she is better and much more comfortable. As of yesterday, she was still itchy because I removed her collar and she started scratching and yanking her fur out again. Back went the Elizabethan collar, and it'll stay on until she stops this pulling off of her fur.

So, the Selsun Blue bath and especially the antihistamine helped her a lot. I don't know if the cod liver oil and the egg yolks are helping her too, but they can't hurt. She loves the egg yolks and greedily laps her little bowl with the stuff in the morning.

I'm hoping she gets well enough so we can remove her collar and she can resume her cat life, albeit more sedate since she is around 16 years old.

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