Thursday, February 23, 2012

75 Cebuano Familes of Distinction to be honored in Cebu

(Information from Dr. Erlinda Alburo; picture shows the Cuenco Family that will be honored in May)

For the Diamond anniversary celebration of the Cebu City Charter, the Cebuano community will honor the legacy of 75 families that have contributed to making Cebu City what it is today.
Initiated by the private sector in order to re-establish the strong foundation and values of the Cebuano family, this project will be implemented for a whole year from March 2012 to February 2013.

For the purpose of identifying the 75 families to be honored, a Search Committee was formed in September 2011 composed of four respected personalities in the academe: Dr. Erlinda Kintanar-Alburo, Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu, Dr. Madrileña de la Cerna and Dr. Romola Ouano-Savellon. To avoid overlapping, each member of the committee was assigned a cluster of family names by initial letters: A-D, E-K, L-R and S-Z.
The two main criteria for the search were: 1) residence in Cebu City and 2) with at least 3 members who have contributed to the development of, or given honor to, the city of Cebu in any of the following fields: governance and community service; business and industry; professions (Education, Law, Medicine, Engineering, etc.); sports, media and the arts; religion and apostolic work; and environment, science and technology. Four other guidelines were observed: 1) other members of the family whose contributions have been recognized outside of Cebu City (province, country or abroad) may be added to the three names; 2) the family must have started playing a role in the city or larger community not later than 1965; 3) wives should be considered as representing their family of origin instead of their husband’s family; and 4) families of members of the Search Committee and the Core Group for the Anniversary Celebration would be excluded.
The Search process included the review of published news and features in local papers and interview of key informants, as well as solicitation of nominations from all the city barangays. A deadline for submission of solicited nominations was set on 30 November 2011. Launching of the search was held on 12 December 2011 at the Ayala Terraces.
The members of the Search Committee, together with the core group assigned for the whole diamond anniversary celebration, met several times to discuss the nominations. Some individuals with the same family names but whose relationship to each other was doubtful were waitlisted, then dropped when such relationship could not be confirmed. A few families have been combined when they evidently belong to the same lineage.

This slogan was adopted by the Cebu City @75 core group in order to stress the significance of the Cebuano family throughout the growing years of the city. At the same time, the phrase captures the pride and joy with which the whole Cebuano community celebrates their achievements.
Several activities have been scheduled throughout the Diamond Year. For better management, a cluster of 6-7 families will be brought together for a Memorial Presentation, An Exhibit, and a tour for a whole weekend.
Memorial Presentations. For a whole year, eleven sessions to serve as Memorial Presentations of the distinguished families will be held in various universities to feature the family cluster of the month with a special Cebuano trait as theme. The period covered will be from March 2012 to January 2013. Family members or their representatives will be formally acknowledged as a whole during the culmination activity in February 2013.
Below is the schedule for the presentations:
March 2012 at the University of San Carlos (“Hard-Working”) ---- Abella, Veloso, Kabahar, Solon, Cui, Climaco and Jakosalem families
April 2012 at the Cebu Normal University (“Thrift and Industry”) --- Tabal, Gabuya, Herrera, Jaca, Sotto, Diola and Segura families

May 2012 at the University of the Visayas (“Religiosity”) --- Gullas, Hermosisima, Cuenco, Echevarria, Lhuiller and Almendras families
June 2012 at the University of Cebu (“Hospitality”) ---- Alix, Garcia (headed by Gil Garcia), Avila-Cañizares, Rodriguez, Ylaya, Go Tiaoco and Estenzo families
July 2012 at the University of the Philippines-Cebu (“Self-Reliance and Resourcefulness”) --- Inocian, Garcia , Dakay, Del Rosario and Velez-Leyson families
August 2012 at the University of San Jose-Recoletos (“Musicality”) --- Villanueva, Singson, Seno, Tabada, Alcoseba and Echaves families
September 2012 at the Southwestern University (“Sense of Humor”)--- Aznar, Osmeña, Escaño, Aliño, Streegan, Go Thong and Del Mar families
October 2012 at the Cebu Institute of Technology-University (“Resiliency”)---- Escario, Pacana, Salvador, Espina, Briones, Tudtud and Sanson families
November 2012 at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (“Courtesy”)--- Aboitiz, Barba, Lu Do, Gaisano, Fernan and Vestil families
December 2012 at the Cebu Doctors University (“Entrepreneurship”)--- Uytengsu, Villa, Urgello, Bacalso, Gandionco and Jumalon families
January 2013 at the Cebu Technological University (“Trustworthy”)--- Chiongbian, Sala, Borromeo, Padilla and Reynes-Mercado families.
Exhibits. During the Memorial Presentation, an exhibit of photographs and other documentation will be shown to the public at the venue, which will be transferred to a mall.
Discover What’s New in Cebu. Members of the families of the month will be treated to a special tour on the third weekend, during which they will be taken to various spots of interest in the city and newly developed mountain sites. A free room at the assigned hotel for the month will be available to the family, esp. for those coming from abroad. We are still arranging free roundtrip tickets to one or two members from each family who are residing abroad.
Publication. At the end of the year’s celebration, a coffeetable book covering the 75 families as well as other activities in the celebration will be issued for souvenir purposes.
“Discover Your Cebuano Roots” in Cyberspace. Starting in February 2012, the whole Cebuano community can search for their roots by logging in at special computers in designated public places. This facility is sponsored by the Church of Latter-Day Saints.
Note: The presentation can be done in any way the cluster families want. Each family is given 5 minutes to introduce their members. It’s suggested that the cluster meet and plan on it.

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