Monday, September 3, 2012

Cebuana Trailblazers or Sugbuanang Tag-Una

 Someone told me I'm in this site, page 2, in Cebuana Trailblazers:

Cebuana Trailblazers Sugboanang Tag-una

These first Heritage Cards is a compendium of Cebuana Trailblazers or SUGBOANANG TAG-UNA", crafted to recreate and rekindle a passionate love of our country, our people and culture.
As leading arbiter of culture and development in this part of the country, the Cebu Provincial Government, through the Provincial Women’s Commission, recognizes these women who have made their indelible mark in their respective field of endeavor.
Dr. Resil Mojares from his book KAAGI: “…now, as in the beginning,Cebu is at the very navel (kinapusoran) of processes transforming the nation…and the Cebuano woman is not only a binding influence in the home but also a visible and influential presence in community life…”
Where in 1890, Alfredo Velasco, a Spanish newspaper editor in Cebu, remarked that..taxes and tributes are remitted by the towns of the province with fair regularity, and that there is a little enthusiasm among the men…(thanks, he said, to the women who, in actuality, control much of the island’s trade..)

Continue reading in the site for the bios of the Cebuano women Trailblazers. 

I want to thank Linda Alburo and others who included me in the list. 

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