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COOKING with Cecilia Brainard - QUICHE

This is the recipe I use for Quiche. I got this many years ago from a fellow I worked with in Meals for Millions Freedom from Hunger, a non-profit organization.  The Quiche recipe is a favorite:


2- 9 in pie pans, frozen or make (I buy Marie Callendar's deep dish frozen)
3 eggs, large
1 pint half-half (which is 2 cups)
1 white onion, large, chopped
bacon bits or sliced ham bits
10 oz Swiss cheese, grated (To simplify, I buy from Costco pre-grated cheese, sharp if possible, yellow and white cheese mixed)
dash each: salt, nutmeg, and cayenne (this is in the recipe but I just put in salt and pepper)

optional: 1 box frozen chopped spinach; you could also add mushrooms if you like; I sometimes use sausage instead of ham or bacon bits

Sprinkle bacon or ham bits on pie crust; if you're adding spinach, this goes on top of the ham or bacon bits.  You need to thaw, and drain the spinach; I even squeeze out the liquid because this can make your quiche runny);
Spread uncooked onions; spread cheese, Mix eggs, milk, and seasoning, pour this over cheese. Press cheese as it gets wet.

Bake 350 for around 50-60 min.  It's cooked when knife pulls out clean.

This freezes well, in case you want to make a bunch and freeze some for later use.

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