Friday, October 25, 2013

News Updates re October 15 Bohol Philippines Earthquake, 7.2 Magnitude

I've been following the news in the Philippines regarding the October 15 Philippine Earthquake.  My friends in Cebu say there are very many strong aftershocks, some of them 5 and more in magnitude. One friend says  "Pray and be alert" has been their mantra since October 15.

People are jittery. To compound matters, there has been a hoax message warning about a magnitude 8 earthquake forthcoming, which increases the panic among the people.

Reliefweb summarizes the situation as follows:

According to NDRRMC report (as of late 21 October, UTC), due to the 7.1M earthquake that hit Bohol province on 15 October, there were: 190 dead, 605 people injured, 11 people still missing, 2 945 963 people affected in six provinces of Region VI and VII, 377 454 people displaced, 111 239 of them inside 104 evacuation centers (most in Bohol Provice, with 105 800 people inside 79 evacuation centers) and 53 439 houses damaged (14 253 of them destroyed).

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