Saturday, October 17, 2015

Travel City Center Nuremberg, #Germany

We made it to Nuremberg, Germany. Travel time was 11 hours from LAX to Frankfurt, plus another 2 hours for layover and flight to Nuremberg.  It's gray and chilly here, but thankfully dry.

We took the U2 train from the Nuremberg Airport to the City Center (Eu 5.20 for two). The only challenging part was figuring out the ticket machine, otherwise, taking the train was as easy as Nuremberg sausage. From the Central station, we dragged our suitcases to our hotel, another painless matter.

After a nap, we went to the Old Town to walk around and find a restaurant. We'll be exploring the Old City some more, but from what I can see, it's a walled city, which had a moat in the past, but which has been dredged and converted into a circular park. Most of the buildings seem new, because of WWII -- we were told in the airplane  --although some old buildings and churches and a castle remain.

We found a man selling hot roasted chestnuts and I bought a bag.  It was a bit of heaven eatng them.  Chestnuts evoke happy memories of Christmas and childhood.

Internet is spotty and it's more difficult to blog than to post in Facebook, so check my FB account if there are no updates here.

I'm looking forward to writing about any observations I may have of the refugee crisis here, and other thoughts.

Stay tuned!

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