Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Horse Racing: A Day at the Santa Anita Race Track

We went to the Santa Anita race track located in Arcadia, California. Built in 1904, the track offers horse racing events during the winter and spring.  In past years, before online betting, the track used to be very crowded. I noticed it wasn't that crowded during our recent visit. It was actually more comfortable that way although I can't help but wonder if the establishment is losing money.

In fact we were to memorialize a friend who had passed away. It's an unusual way of memorializing someone, but it was quite nice in that we were able to experience what this friend had loved. 

We had fun. We won some, lost some, and came out ahead at the end. That's called a "good day" at the track.  

My companions used racing forms and handicapped horses so they had a more logical approach. I generally follow my instinct, meaning I choose according to the name of a horse, or the color of the horse, or if this particular number strikes me.  I win sometimes.  

Basically I just want to win now and then to be engaged and not be bored.  If I lose too much, it ceases to be fun. (There's a part of me that feels when I bet I ought to win. I feel the same way in Las Vegas, even though I know it doesn't work that way.)

This last visit a big trifecta win made us come out ahead.

The picture below is a selfie taken before leaving for the track. Note the look of optimism -- we will win, we will win, we will win, was my mantra.

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