Friday, June 10, 2016

Handsome Boy Cat in Irvine, CA Needs Home

Mochi, a handsome boy-cat needs a home. He's in Irvine.  Email me if you know someone who wants to adopt him.

My name is Mochi (named after the delicious Japanese dessert that's the same color as me). I'm 12 years old, but still healthy and spunky as heck! I like to eat. A lot. I'm a sweet boy, although I do have a grumpy side. I get annoyed when humans rub up on me for too long, but I love to rub up on them as long and as often as I please. My mom rescued me from a shelter when I was 3 months old. Unfortunately, she found out she was allergic to me soon after she adopted me, but it was too late...she had already fallen in love with me--ha! Sadly, her allergies got progressively worse over the has gotten so bad lately, that she has trouble breathing around me. She wheezes. I believe it's called asthma 😿

So...long, sad story short...I need a new home. If any of you or your fellow cat-loving friends can help, mom would be eternally grateful!

Much love,


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