Thursday, September 1, 2016

Restaurant Review: Tulip Cafe, Los Angeles, California

A couple of friends and I were at the Jewelry Mart in downtown Los Angeles and we had lunch at the Tulip Cafe, located at 628 St. Vincent Courtyard, Los Angeles, right in back of the St. Vincent's Jewelry Center. The courtyard is just a small stretch, a kind of half-alley.

We lucked out because the popular cafe and surroundings were not crowded because of movie shooting somewhere nearby.

The St. Vincent's courtyard is an interesting place. It makes me feel I'm someplace other than LA - either in Europe or a souk in the Middle East. It has a lovely fountain near the entrance and charming restaurants and cafes, including the Tulip Cafe. There are statues and decor on walls that make the place charming and whimsical.  (The other feeling I had was walking into Disneyland.)

We sat on the sidewalk and had a lovely lunch of kebabs and vegetarian meal with coffee and iced tea. It was a very pleasant experience, so unlike my general impression of the hurly-burly and chaos of downtown LA.

My beef kebab itself was made from filet mignon, very tender and flavorful. My companions enjoyed their chicken kebab and vegetarian meals as well.

I would go back to the Tulip Cafe.

I'll give it a 4+ star rating, and recommend it to all.

By the way, downtown parking is terrible. The parking near the Tulip Cafe is very small and I wouldn't advise you to try it as you will probably be wasting your time.  Drive up further and walk.

Here are some pictures taken during my visit there.

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