Friday, January 6, 2017

Indian Wedding Part 2: #AndrewLovesSwapna

Hello! This continues the Indian Wedding of Andrew and Swapna. To see other pictures of this Indian wedding, please visit this site.

This site has pictures taken on the actual wedding day, including the Hindu wedding ceremony.  Click on the picture to make it large.  There are very many of them, and I hope you enjoy them.

The actual wedding day started with the Baraat, the groom's wedding procession toward the wedding venue. Andrew rode a horse  and we made our way from the gate of the resort to the wedding venue. Usually it's the groom's relatives and party that join the procession, but in this one, Swapna's family helped us out with the dancing and singing. (They had great Bollywood moves!)

At the wedding site, Swapna and her party greeted us, and after milling about, we entered the venue.

The wedding took place outside, under a canopy or mandap. There was a sacred fire; and there were various attendants.The venue had a stage. There were two pandits or Hindu priests who officiated the lengthy and elaborate ceremony. There were also several musicians who provided music. 


I will add pictures, so check back!

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