Saturday, February 11, 2017

#CebuLitFest: Book launch Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's Magdalena (update)

Top photos: l-r: Terry Manguerra, Maribel Paraz, Hendri Go, Cecilia Brainard, Danton Remoto, Cecilia Brainard

The book launch of the Philippine edition of my novel Magdalena at the Parkmall yesterday was wonderful. The event took place outdoors and we were blessed with pleasant cool weather.,  Hendri Go and other members of his Cebu Literary Festival had an elaborate setup of the stage -- they are professional theater folks. Hendri programmed the launch which included readings from Magdalena and the delayed (but forthcoming) The Newspaper Widow novel.

Chappy Piramide did a lively interview of me interspersed with 4 readings by Marlinda Angbetic Tan, Louella E. Alix, and 2 actresses from Hendri's theater group.

Friends and family members were present including Lucy Garcia and her family, Teresita Escano Manguerra and her family, Louie Nacorda with Nandi, Evelyn Regner Seno, Chona Bernad with her aunt Merlie, Chinggay Utzurrum, Danton Remoto, Maribel Paraz, Crystal family, Rudy Alix, Maya Franco, and many others. Some who could not be there, including  Marilu Chiongbian, requested friends to get several copies of the book on their behalf. There were also a number of teachers and students,notably students of Dr. Caturza of Cebu  University who are studying my short story Flip Gothic. (Hi, Team!)

Thank you all for attending. And special thanks to Hendri Go for putting it together, and Teresita Manguerra for the snacks and drinks.

The literary event continued with performances by the Cebu cast of the Wizard of Oz -- you have to see this -- they're terrific.

And later in the evening a stream of young writers surprised us with their awesome performances of their poetry at the Open Mic Event.

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