Thursday, April 20, 2017

Books from Plantation Bay Resort in Mactan #Cebu #Philippines #travel

I love Plantation Bay in Mactan, Cebu. This seaside resort and spa allows me to relax and commune with my Muses. When I'm there I feel refreshed, regenerated.

When I was last there, Manny Gonzalez (Founder and CEO of Plantation Bay and my cousin)  gifted with two handsome coffee table books, Tales of Plantation Bay and The Many Moods of Plantation Bay.  

Both books have gorgeous pictures taken at the resort. The first one, Tales of Plantation Bay. include anecdotes related to the resort.  The second, The Many Moods of Plantation Bay, include poems by Manny Gonzalez.

Here are some pages with the writings. These poems are my Manny Gonzalez.


Is the only tense of happy
we never have to leave.
Just a frame for frozen moments,
a web of images we weave.

               For present-happy
is a shortened season
that drifts upon us during night,
to wake the earth and grow new leaves,
and bathe our fertile fields with light.

Swept on swiftly by a nameless current,
we hasten through the splendor of the trees
and somehow never recognize the moment
that only
                                       past-tense happy
               ever sees.

But what is past becomes for always,
Which makes sufficient reason
       To take my happiness from remembered days
        From when was my Moment,
                   And You were my Season.


As the days grow dark
     And your memories dim,
Quiet souls still shall mark
          This moment:
When all the years behind have been,
And all our fancied joys turn silent

     Once in an epoch
     There is a season
     When reason melfs,
     And mind must yield to blood.
     The paler shade of sunset
     We see through eyes
     Time has touched with flame --
     A sparkling instant when seasons bloom.

And your proferred toast
drifts softly to me now,
uttered finely
in the summer of our season:
     Quiet cheers
     for quiet tears,
     through the long and lonely 
     quiet years. 


is the grey, grim
solemn night
we have dreaded -
tinted with silent
numb delight,
and smothered
with despair

for pains past but no less
lovely in our hearts -
as even now the gentle, soft caress
of virgin wonder fast departs
and leaves us, wiser,
                             in the dark.


Like glistening leaves on country streams
the finite moments of our Time
                                             slip by,

deftly weaving mid-day dreams 
     of sweetest gossamer light,
          then drifting onward into night.

     Moments imagined, moments true -
                       To hide within my heart.

     Moments missing, somehow found in you.
          Always together.
                                     Forever apart.

The top picture was taken at Plantation Bay. It shows l-r: Chona Bernad, Terry Manguerra, Cecilia Brainard, and Chinggay Utzurrum.

The next picture shows me with Manny Gonzalez.

The rest are pictures of pages from The Many Moods of Plantation Bay.

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