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Book Review: Growing Up Filipino:Stories for Young Adults, Ed. Cecilia Brainard, Reviewed by Booklist

Booklist, April 15, 2003 v99 i16 p1462(1) 

Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults. (Book Review)_(book review) Frances Bradburn.
Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2003 American Library Association
Ed. by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard. Apr. 2003. 283p. PALH, paper, (0-9719458-0-2).
Gr. 9-12.

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In this fine short-story collection, 29 Filipino American writers explore the universal challenges of adolescence from the unique perspectives of teens in the Philippines or in the U.S. Organized into five sections--Family, Angst, Friendship, Love, and Home--all the stories are about growing up and what the introduction calls "growing into Filipino-ness, growing with Filipinos, and growing in or growing away from the Philippines." The stories are introduced by the authors, who illustrate the teenage experience as they remember it or as they wish to explain it to the reader--whether the focus is the death of a grandparent, budding sexuality, or going to the mall. The cultural flavor aspect never overwhelms the stories, and readers will be drawn to the particulars as well as the universal concerns of family, friends, love, and leaving home. While the stories are fairly easy to read, teens might be intimidated by the dense book design and small type. Take the time to help them overcome this. The stories are delightful!

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