Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#PhilippineLiterature Cecilia Brainard's Signed Novels Available from PALH (Philippine American Literary House)

PALH (Philippine American Literary House) now has copies of Cecilia Brainard's new novel, The Newspaper Widow. For a limited time, signed copies of The Newspaper Widow, are available from PALH for $15.95/each, and US shipping is $4.95 per book. 

Also for a limited time, signed copies of Cecilia Brainard's three novels: When the Rainbow Goddess Wept (Univ. of Michigan Press, softcover), Magdalena (UST Publishihg House, softcover), and The Newspaper Widow (UST Publishing House, softcover) are available from PALH. The packet of three costs $40 plus US shipping of $6.50.

Send Check or Money Order to PALH, PO Box 5099, Santa Monica, CA 90409.

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