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Pictures: Toronto Reunion 2017 of Maryknoll Class of 1968

Maryknoll Class of 1968 Toronto Reunion 2017
Bottom Row l-r: Tere Concepcion, Lucy McGinley, Marichi Panganiban, Cecilia Brainard, Maria Ciocon, Cora Kinoshi;
Middle Row l-r: Esther Parker, Lorna Cruz, Josette Adams, Maricel Hahn, Marissa Tay, Med Kuney;
Top Row l-r: Luchie Ticson, Alice Edano, (seated) Tina Heiter, Susie Ramos, Precy Florentino, Bing Jacala, Edith Alcantara, Lina Dimayuga, GV Silverio

Bottom Row l-r: Maricel Lopez Hahn, Bing Velasco Jacala, Susie Ramos Montermoso, Med Villanueva Kuney, Luchie Pavia Ticson, GV Silverio, Tina Borja Heiter, Tere Valenton Concepcion, Precy Florentino, Marissa Munda Tay; Back Row l-r: Lina Flor Dimayuga,Alice Edano, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Marichi Santiago Panganiban, Lucy Adao McGinley, Lorna Cayco Cruz, Cora Kilayco Kinoshi, Esther Quintos Parker, Baby Navarro Ciocon, Josette Del Rosario Adams, Edith Alcantara


QUITE A NUMBER of my classmates from Maryknoll College, Quezon City, ended up living in the United States, Europe, Australia, and other places. The ladies in North America, have in recent years, been holding what we call mini-reunions. Las Vegas. Vancouver, and most recently Toronto, were sites of these gatherings.

Temporary Home for 7 of us at #41 Sullivan Street, Toronto, CA

Tere Concepcion and Alice Edano (with the full support of Roger Concepcion) hosted the Toronto reunion from October 12-17, 2017. Twenty-four ladies attended and participated in the planned and spontaneous activities.

Those present (in no particular order) were: Lucy Adao McGinley, Edith Alcantara, Tina Borja Heiter, Lorna Cayco Cruz, Rose Cua Go, Josette Del Rosario Adams, Alice Edano, Lina Flor Dimayuga, Maricel Lopez Hahn, Marissa Munda Tay, Maria Navarro Ciocon, Luchie Pavia Ticson, Ester Quintos Parker, Marichi Santiago Panganiban, Susie Ramos Montermoso, Carol Teodoro Pintor, Bing Velasco Jacala, Helen Venzon Landas, Med Villanueva Kuney, Cora Kilayco Kinoshi, GV Silverio, Precy Florentino, Tere Valenton Concepcion, and me (Cecilia Manguerra Brainard).

The ladies flew into Toronto from Switzerland, UK, the Philippines, Vancouver, and the East and West Coasts of the United States.

Tere and Roger Concepcion housed most of us in their Urban North Inns, which consists of several houses in downtown Toronto near Chinatown, Kensington Market, the University of Toronto, and AGO Museum.

The organized activities of our group were the reNewal full day session led by Luchie Pavia Ticson, another full day trip to Niagara Falls and Wine Tasting, and an evening Creative Writing Workshop which I led.

The first evening, we had dinner and welcome talks at the Concepcion house. On another day, we had lunch at Luckee's Restaurant courtesy of Edith Alcantara and Precy Florentino. There were several spontaneous dinners and gatherings at our temporary home, #41 Sullivan. We also explored beautiful and already chilly Toronto (a novelty for some of us).

Here are some pictures. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Thursday, October 12 - Welcome Dinner! 

Friday, October 13 - reNewal Day led by Luchie Pavia Ticson

Pajama parties at #41 Sullivan

Get-Togethers at #41 Sullivan

Tina, Maricel, and Cecilia Shopped at St. Lawrence Market - Sat, Oct. 14

Disco  Night at the Polish hall with a Filipino Band playing music from the 60s and 70s - Sat. Oct. 14

Lunch at Luckee's Restaurant hosted by Edith Alcantara and Precy Florentino - Sunday, Oct. 15

Monday Oct. 16 was Niagara Falls Day plus Wine Tasting

Gathering at #41 Sullivan (with Rose Cua)

(Roger taught us how to cook rice in the microwave: 16 minutes, 3 cups water, 2 cups rice)

Visiting AGO and Textile Museums with Marissa and Bing, Oct. 17

Creative Writing Workshop and Wine & Cheese & Despedida on Oct. 17. The Creative Writing Workshop was conducted by Cecilia Brainard

Stay tuned because I have to download the better pictures from my Cannon Camera.

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