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Guest Blogger: Smoothies and More by Bing V. Jacala #health #Maryknoll

Inspired by a recent college reunion, Barbara (Bing V.) Jacala) decided to share the wisdom gained by her classmates in an ongoing column, "The Sage Women We Have Become: Conversations of College Chums Who Met 50 Years After Graduation." 

As my Guest Blogger, she will share health and beauty tips, as well as favorite recipes of these "sage women." Her first entry is "Smoothies And More."

Bing graduated from Maryknoll College, Philippines in 1968. She was an advertising copywriter, a training officer at the Philippine National Media Center, and a Colombo Plan scholar to the United Kingdom. She resided on Guam for 40 years where she held many positions including features editor, chief of staff in the Guam legislature, and adult education program manager.

Thanks Bing! ~ Cecilia

Conversations of College Chums Who Met 50 Years After Graduation

by Bing V. Jacala

We were sheltered but in Maryknoll our minds were liberated. We read widely and discussed assertively. This is what we found again in each other when we met 50 years after graduation. In reuniting for a week of renewal we discovered that when we stepped into the outside world, our attempts at conquering the world all began with self development and preservation. Here we share a glimpse into our journey.

Group photo of the Maryknollers who met in Toronto (Bing is front, second from the left)

Smoothies and More

As we navigated the intricacies of adulthood, mornings were no longer the lingering lounge breakfast of our youth. We efficiently whipped up healthy and tasty quick fixes.

Cecilia makes smoothies for breakfast - I will blend together a variety of fruit (banana, apple, berries, whatever fruit I have), veggies, nuts (walnuts, almond), seeds (chia and flax), turmeric, Brewer's yeast, and yogurt.  I will sometimes add broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, and ginger.  I add water, then blend. I'll have around 4 glasses. This will keep for a couple of days but will get thick. Just add water and mix. 

The idea is to mix different kinds of fruits, veggies, and nuts because each brings its own healing element.

Bing V's version is a fruit blend recommended by her doctor. He learned it from his Indonesian mom and has used it in his program for diabetics and for weight loss.

Take papaya, watermelon (get seedless), pomelo (or grapefruit) and banana plus other available fruits. The first three are the basics. - I would peel the fruits, chunk them up and freeze. It's important to leave the white spongy outer layer of the watermelon when peeling. 

In the morning I throw the frozen chunks into the blender. The smoothie is my get up and go drink. What's left goes into the fridge to drink later in the day. My regimen is to drink a glass before every meal. We did this religiously for three years. I bargained with my doctor that if I was faithful I would not take any maintenance pills. True enough I stabilized my cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure.

The one hardship of this routine was finding the fruits. I lived on Guam where everything is imported. I couldn't find papayas all the time. So much so that I planted my own tree. (that's another story)

Below is what the Guam SDA (Seventh Day Adventist)  clinic recommends:

NEWSTART Fresh Fruit Blend
  • Papaya ( newly ripe )
  • Pommelo/Grapefruit
  • Watermelon w/rind
  • Other Choice -- apple, honeydew, cantaloupe, mango, nectarine, peach, berries, banana
*Adjust proportions to taste

3-7 Day Detox
  1.  8 oz or 16 oz glass of blend 3  to 5 times/day
  2.  Pure water between blend consumption
Fresh Fruit Blend
  • Drink 16 oz of fruit blend early every morning before breakfast
  • Have 2 -3 8 oz or 16oz glasses of blend a day

The benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is well documented. A nutritionist once said that it is ideal to eat five different fruits daily. Voila the blended smoothie. Read more about the benefits of smoothies in

Stay tuned for more, from Bing Jacala!

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