Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cecilia Brainard's Creative Writing Tips

Hi, I have some Creative Writing Tips, one-minute videos, sharing nuggets of information that I have learned through years of writing and editing 20 books. You can view them in YouTube. Please click on the links below:

Creative Writing Tip No. 1 - Sensuous Writing -

Creative Writing Tip No. 2 - Make a Date with Your Muse

Creative Writing Tip No. 3 - Show Don't Tell

Creative Writing Tip No. 4 - Writer's Block

Creative Writing Tip No. 5 - Complex vs Flat Characters

Creative Writing Tip No. 6 - Writing Space

Creative Writing Tip No. 7 - What Is Your Story?

Stay tuned for more!  Please save this link and visit again.

Cecilia Brainard

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