Monday, June 25, 2018

Propaganda, Disinformation, Voter Suppression, Foreign Interference

Some thoughts on Foreign Interference in the US: The attack on Democracy is via the creation of chaos and division, which eventually leads to destabilization. Passions will run higher now as the midterm election approaches. We need to stay calm and cool and take the high road. We should remain focused and that is to protect our Democracy. We want to avoid division among us, because "divided we fall" as a nation. 

The constructive things to do are: to volunteer, to work against voter suppression, to register voters, to educate others about this mind-game attack on all Americans, which has the goal of creating chaos and division. We ourselves have to check our media sources to make sure we're reading verified news, not propaganda.

We need to focus on the big issues, and not allow our emotions be toyed with. Remember, chaos, distraction, confusion, anger, hatred, are encouraged to weaken the US as a Nation. 

Here are some links about Russian Interference and Propaganda. We need to pay attention to this, as it continues to date.  We had been warned even in 2015 but we did not listen.  We need to take this seriously, or else we could lose our precious Democracy. 

Authoritarian Media and the Era of Disinformation:  Here's a good interview dated July 2015. it's an excellent study on authoritarian means of media manipulation as a weapon to attack democracies. Specifically it cites Russian and Chinese methods of propaganda to cause.division and destabilization. The site is connected to the National Endowment for Democracy.

Times of Israel: Critics say Trump's Talk of Immigrants "infesting" US recalls Nazi Propaganda

CNN: Trump is on a tear about Immigration. What's really behind it.

Vanity Fair: Is Trump's Chaos Tornado a Move from the Kremlin's Playbook?

CNN: Cambridge Analytica ran voter suppression campaigns

Bloomberg: US Lawmakers Release Thousands of Russia Today Twitter Ads

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Russian Election Interference: Europe's Counter to Fake News and Cyber Attacks

NPR: Former Diplomat Warns China is Emulating Russian Political Interference

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