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Germany: Rudesheim, Rhine River, and Lorelei Rock

Hello, dear Readers! I've been travelling and have been unable to blog.  I'll be blogging about the places I visited, starting with the German town of Rudesheim am Rhein, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

 Rudesheim is a picture-perfect place that looks like a scene from a movie or Disneyland -- cobbled streets, taverns, a castle, vineyards all around -- the perfect little place to explore and enjoy. Drinking their local Reisling is a must, although they also have German beers, and I must say I enjoyed eating Schweinehaxe (pork knuckle, shown in the picture below), which is very much like the Filipino Crispy Pata.

Rudesheim has an approximate population of 10,000, which swells during the summer and holiday season. When we were there, the place was crowded with vacationers, most of them Germans, although there were British and Americans as well.

One of the tourist attractions is the patriotic monument (Niederwalddenkmal) that sits on top of the nearby moutain. We took the funicular to see the monument and spectacular view of the town and the Rhine river.

The other thing we did was take a day tour along the Rhine River, in the area called the Mosel Valley, which has numerous castles perched on hills overlooking the river. We saw the legendary Rock of Lorelei or Loreley, which is a 120-meter promontory jutting out into the river.  It doesn't look like much, but it's tied-in with ancient folklore about a woman who was spurned by a man and who flung herself into the Rhein. She turned into a siren and she lured sailors to their death.  Lorelei has inspired many poems and songs.

I later heard from a friend who took a river cruise on the Rhine that their ship could not pass through this part of the Rhine because of low water level. (Indeed the Rhine and Danube rivers have very low water levels right now.)  "You're lucky," she told me.

I'm sharing pictures of our visit to Rudesheim and the cruise on the Rhine.

I'll be blogging about other parts of Germany that I visited, plus a river cruise on the Danube to the Black Sea, so stay tuned, dear Readers!

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