Thursday, October 17, 2019

Emmanuel Gonzalez E-book "Crazy Wild Ideas" Released

Now available in E-book is "Crazy Wild Ideas: Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Fixing the Philippines, by Emmanuel "Manny" Gonzalez. The book has a wonderful Foreword by noted journalist Boo Chanco and illustrations by Brandon Chavez.

Manny Gonzalez has been my Guest Blogger, with posts about restaurants and food, Bitcoins, Catalunya, and other topics.

His new book is available from Kindle.  A well-known businessman and native-Cebuano, Manny Gonzalez is also CEO of Plantation Bay Resort Hotel in Mactan.

Read on about his new book.


            World traveler and social-political commentator, Emmanuel “Manny” Gonzalez, has completed a pet project – a tongue-in-cheek E-book about the serious subjects of national identity, mission, and morale.  Crazy Wild Ideas: Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Fixing the Philippines is illustrated by Brandon Chavez. Well-known journalist Boo Chanco provides an incisive Foreword.

            Gonzalez wrote the book in a breezy conversational style rather than (what he calls) stuffy “scholarly” language. The humor is tongue-in-cheek. Wry and sometimes outrageous commentary is interwoven with fact, logic, and sentiment. The book is laced with witticisms, irreverent observations, and amusing historical vignettes, even while it carries a highly original message which will appeal to thoughtful people. Gonzalez notes that he had done extensive research for the book although he avoided including footnotes. Chavez’s humorous illustrations nicely complement the text.

            The book’s core message is this: Nationalism consists of Identity, Mission, and Morale. Gonzalez explains that Nations involve Millions of People and many kinds of interaction, so National Symbols must be carefully chosen and Promoted to Help the Average Citizen Identify with the Nation, “Buy in” to a shared Mission, and Feel Pride in Doing So (Morale).

            The book looks at diverse subjects such as the flag, national food dishes, national attire, sports, holidays and vacations, and others. The conclusion of the book is a resounding, patriotic call to national pride.

            Get the book now on Kindle in Amazon, and join the debate: 


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