Monday, December 23, 2019

Magical Years: Memories & Sketches by Cecilia Brainard - pictures

I'm excited about my book, Magical Years: Memories & Sketches, which collects 43 of my reed and pen and ink drawings. Some of you have been following my progress as a sketcher since December last year, when I picked up a simple book about sketching and started drawing, first in pencil, then pen and ink, and later bamboo reed, which Van Gogh did -- I love his reed drawings!

Creating these drawings has been an interesting journey. As I struggled with the craft, images started coming to me, and I felt compelled to try and capture my childhood memories in Cebu. The artist Tony Perez gave me useful critiques; thank you Tony.

Here are some pictures from my book. This is a special limited edition of 100 copies. Each hardbound book (size 8x8) is signed and numbered. It's marketed by PALH; please contact for more information.

Amazon also has copies:

Merry Christmas!

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