Wednesday, July 15, 2020

National Geographic Features Brainard's Growing Up Filipino Books

PALH (Philippine American Literary House) is proud that National Geographic has featured its two publications: GROWING UP FILIPINO: STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS & GROWING UP FILIPINO: MORE STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS in its Summer Reading List.
Edited by Cecilia Manguerra Branard, Growing Up Filipino 1 and 2 collect stories about the saga of what it means to be young and Filipino.

Both books and also the Kindle editions are easily available from AMAZON. ***

For more information:…/growing-up-filipino-stories-…/


School Library Journal reviews both books as follows: 

These 29 short stories offer a highly textured portrait of Filipino youth and an excellent sampling of creative writing. Thematically arranged, most of the pieces have been written since the turn of the 21st century. Each story is introduced by a thumbnail sketch of the author and a paragraph or two about some element of Filipino culture or history that is relevant to the story. Authors include those born and continuing to live in the Philippines, emigres, and American-born Filipinos. Tough but relevant topics addressed include a gay youth’s affection for his supportive mother, the role of religious didacticism in the formation of a childhood perception, consumer culture as it is experienced by modern teens in Manila, and coping with bullies of all ages and stations in life. While the introduction seems more appropriate to graduate school than high school students, and the layout and book design are not attractive, there is much here to merit consideration. There are more Filipinos living in the U.S. than most people realize, but finding literature reflective of their experiences is difficult. The high caliber and broad but wholly accessible range of this collection, however, makes this title a solid purchase for multiple reasons.” (School Library Journal) 

Brainard has again selected powerful, evocative stories of family: of promises and disappointment, failure and resentment, tenacious and all-consuming love, anxiety and transcendent hope. There is plenty here to stimulate discussion and encourage an appreciation of Filipino writing and culture. This anthology is a worthy successor to the first volume and has appeal to an audience beyond high school literature courses.” (School Library Journal)

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