Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Cecilia Brainard Reviews Laurel Flores Fantauzzo's Novel MY HEART UNDERWATER




Please read Cecilia Brainard's book review of Laurel Flores Fantauzzo's MY HEART UNDERWATER in Positively Filipino:
"The novel My Heart Underwater by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo is about a 17-year-old Filipino American girl who is sent to the Philippines following a scandal. There, she is able to thread together the world of her parents with her own Southern California experience, and in so doing find healing.
The book follows three storylines: the gender issue of Corazon Tagubio; her father’s accident; and her exile to the Philippines.

Cory and her parents live in a townhouse in Southern California, where her mother works as a coder and her father as a painter/handyman. Her parents are hardworking people who value good education and they make sacrifices to send Cory to tuition-high Saint Agatha’s school. They also support Cory’s half-brother in the Philippines who, because of immigrations issues, cannot join them in America." - Please continue in Positively Filipino.


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