Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Growing Up Filipino Stories for Young Adults - Now in Hardcover and New Cover

The  collection of stories, GROWING UP FILIPINO: STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS,  now has a hardcover edition (ISBN 9781953716002). The softcover edition has a new cover. 


GROWING UP FILIPINO was the first publication of PALH (Philippine American Literary House). Written by established and emerging writers, the book delves into universal but at the same time personal themes of how it is to grow up Filipino.  The book has received received critical acclaim. 

Finalist for the Philippine National Book Award, this collection of stories along with the follow-up book GROWNG UP FILIPINO: MORE STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS continues to be read and used by educators. Last summer, the National Geographic included both books in its Summer Reading list.


Here are some book review excerpts of the book: 

School Library Journal: 
"These 29 short stories offer a highly textured portrait of Filipino youth and an excellent sampling of creative writing. Thematically arranged, most of the pieces have been written since the turn of the 21st century. Each story is introduced by a thumbnail sketch of the author and a paragraph or two about some element that is relevant to the story ... The high caliber and broad but wholly accessible range of this collection, however, makes this title a solid purchase for multiple reasons." 

Bookbird Journal International Children's Literature (Glenna Sloan): 
"Emerging and established award-winning writers are the authors of this fine collection of 29 stories about what it means to be Filipino in the Philippines and in the United States ... This impressive array captures the complexities of both the Filipino culture and history and the realities of the lives of young adults no matter what their ethnic affiliation." 

"In this fine short-story collection, 29 Filipino American writers explore the universal challenges of adolescence from the unique perspectives of teens in the Philippines or in the U.S. Organized into five sections -- Family, Angst, Friendship, Love, and Home -- all the stories are about growing up and what the introduction calls "growing into Filipino-ness, growing with Filipinos, and growing in or growing away from the Philippines ... The cultural flavor aspect never overwhelms the stories, and readers will be drawn to the particulars as well as the universal concerns of family, friends, love, and leaving home."' 

Bookseller can order the book from Ingram and readers can easily find this book in Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers. 

For more information, please visit:   https://ceciliabrainard.com/book/growing-up-filipino-stories-for-young-adults/

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