Saturday, August 7, 2021

Chapter of The Newspaper Widow in Philippine PEN Journal

"The Island of the Living Dead" a chapter from The Newspaper Widow, is part of the Philippine PEN Journal HEALING, edited by Herminio Beltran, Jr., PEN International 2014.

This particular chapter is about the Leper Island, Culyo, in the novel.

 You can read it here: page 28 or 15 in this link

Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's novel, THE NEWSPAPER WIDOW, is a literary mystery set in the Philippines in 1909, shortly after the Spaniards lost to the Americans, and the Americans occupied the Philippines. The widow Ines and her friend the French seamstress Melisande solve the crime of the dead priest in the creek in order to free the son of Ines from jail. Inspired by her great-grandmother who was the first woman publisher in the Philippines, Brainard has written a character-driven novel that raises interesting and complicated questions about morality and justice while the protagonist searches for the priest's true killer. What begins as a murder mystery transforms into something greater as love, loyalty and friendship are tested and refined. Shortlisted for the Inaugural Cirilo F. Bautista Prize for the Novel, Brainard's novel is a captivating read.

Find the book in Amazon or Lazada or Shopee.  Eastwind Books of Berkeley also has copies. 

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