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Cebu Carnival and Other Beauty Queens - Philippines


This is Part 2 of my blogs on Cebu Carnival and Other Queens (updated 2022)

Here is part 1:

These are additional photos and information related to Cebu Carnival and Other Old Time Beauty Queens. Thanks to Alex Castro who has blogs on Philippine Carnival Queens.

Note: Photos precede the writeups.


1909 Reina de la Belleza of the First Philippine Free Press National Contest, Corazon Rosales Chiong Veloso was born February 25, 1889, died July 14, 1968. She was the daughter of the very wealthy Chinese Cebuano Nicasio Chiong Veloso and Genoveva Visitacion Rosales. She married Antonio Torres and was the mother of Helen Cu Unjeng. (The picture of Corazon when she is older is courtesy of Pilar Balce. The others are courtesy of Alex Castro.)


1912 Queen of Visayas in the Manila Carnival, Amparo Benitez Noel from Carcar Cebu. She was second among the 13 children of Maria Benítez and Jose Maria Borromeo. On coronation night, her consort was Juan Orbeta. She married Dr. Jose Ma. Borromeo, and they had 7 children: Milagros, Rosario Josefina, Dolores, Ramon, Jose Jr., Manuel, and Luis.


1927 Miss Visayas in Manila's Carnival Queen: Lourdes Rodriquez. She was Miss Cebu. She was the daughter of Celestino and Ignacia Lasala Rodriguez. She came in third in the Carnival Queen event and was named Miss Visayas. She married Buenaventura Veloso and they had five sons.



1931 Bito-on sa Babaye Rita Villaflor Pañares was in the court of 1931 Cebu Carnival Queen Concepcion Cuenco. Rita was the daughter of BartolomePañares and Manuela Villaflor of Barili. She married a UP Professor, Atty. Alvarez. Rita was valedictorian at the Inmaculada Concepcion and was a champion debater at the UP. Her huge portrait remains in her family's ancestral home in Barili.



1934 Miss Mindanao in the Cebu Carnival Queen Event, Daisy Pardo Hontiveros, was in the court of Cebu Carnival Queen Maria Lagrimas Ong. Daisy married National Artist Lamberto V. Avellana. She became an actress, director and writer. Born in Roxas City, Capiz, she elevated legitimate theater and dramatic arts to a new level of excellence by staging and performing in breakthrough productions of classic Filipino and foreign plays and by encouraging the establishment of performing groups and the professionalization of Filipino theater. Together with her husband, National Artist Lamberto Avellana and other artists, she co-founded the Barangay Theatre Guild in 1939 which paved the way for the popularization of theatre and dramatic arts in the country, utilizing radio and television.



1935 Cebu Carnival Queen courts showing various princesses.

1937 Miss Visayas in the Cebu Carnival Queen, Valeriana Alducente 



1939 Miss Luzon in the Cebu Carnival Queen

1940 Miss Luzon in the Cebu Carnival Queen, Milagros Lebumfacil. She was in the court of Queen Cristina Aberasturi. Milgaros married the elder brother of Imelda Marcos. 

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