Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Just Like My Lola Wore - My Creole Criolla Hoop Earrings


My mother used to have antique criola hoop earrings with diamonds, which she got from her grandmother. They wore these with their other tambourin jewelry.
I had small-sized criolla earrings but always wanted something bigger. I had my daughter-in-law, Stephanie create a bigger one, and I just got the earrings yesterday. They are beautiful and well-done. These are great reproductions of the antique earrings my mother-grandmother had. Stephanie captured the fine filigree work next to the stones.

Here are some pictures. (Yes, that's me, hiding but showing off my new earrings!)

Stephanie from Jewel Eternal made affordable versions of the Criolla hoop earrings she made for me, a set as low as $300. If you prefer, you can order the earrings in gold or platinum and with real stones. Just let her know. Stephanie Lee from Jewel Eternal created affordable versions of these earrings, as low as $300. You can order it in gold or platinum and with genuine stones if you wish.  Email her at: <custom@jeweleternal.com>

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