Tuesday, September 20, 2022

PRAISE for Linda Ty-Casper's book on Leonard Ralph Casper



WILL YOU HAPPEN, PAST THE SILENCE, THROUGH THE DARK?: Remembering Leonard Ralph Casper, by Linda Ty-Casper -Advance copies now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 


Will You Happen, Past the Silence, Through the Dark: Remembering Leonard Ralph Casper is a treasure trove of charms and jewels for those like me who find Leonard Casper a bit of a cryptic, enigmatic figure. Linda Ty-Casper has done a great service by shedding light on Len’s memory, allowing us a voyeur’s look into a life dedicated to the magic and unease found in letters. ...I am sure this book will remain relevant for decades to come.” ~ Joel Pablo Salud, Author, Editor



This memoir, that his wife Linda Ty-Casper has gathered from his writings ... solidifies one of Leonard Casper’s achievements as the foremost American critic of Philippine World Literature. ~ Dr. Paulino Lim, Author, Professor Emeritus CSLB


His books on Philippine literature were indispensable references for us undergrad English majors in the 80s. I treasure my copies of Wounded Diamond and Firewalker. I remember enjoying his literary and ideological debates with some of our own Filipino writers. – Prof. Thelma E. Arambulo, Writer, Literary Studies Scholar, former UP Chair of English and Comparative Literature


Leonard Casper’s Six Filipino Poets was one of the most recognizable books, lifelong, from my earliest memory of our family bookshelves. To this day, that familiar green cover holds a place of honor on my study-room bookcase, a few feet away from where I write this (and I looked through it just a week or so ago); he honored Mom (Edith Tiempo) and the other poets in the book, by identifying a place for Philippine poetry through their work. Such a good life! We salute him and give great thanks for Leonard Casper. ~Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas, Poet, fiction writer, essayist

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