Friday, March 28, 2008


It was my son, Alex, who called my attention to the fact that a Filipino was chosen as lead singer in the American rockband, Journey, the band that was formed in San Francisco in the 1970s by the Santanas.

Alex showed me some YouTube performances of Arnel Pineda. I thought maybe Arnel was Filipino American, but my son insisted he was from Quezon City. The reason I asked was that I heard no accent whatsoever in his singing.

He's been singing for some 25 years now. The legend goes that Journey discovered Arnel Pineda in YouTube and hired him as their lead singer to replace Jeff Scott Soto. The reviews of his singing are excellent. Indeed Arnel has a lot of energy and he's cute - which I'm sure helps in Show Biz.

It was refreshing to hear this news. My son was very proud that a Filipino made it "big" in the mainstream.

So, congratulations, Arnel Pineda. You have no idea how many millions of Filipinos all over the world watch you with pride and bated breath.

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