Thursday, March 20, 2008


I gave a writer friend, who has been needing a cane to walk, some water from Lourdes, France and Brother Andre's Oil (from St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal). This is her email to me. We are claiming this MIRACLE in the name of Jesus Christ!
Hi Cecilia,

It was great to see you last week. I enjoyed our visit so much! Also the
great lunch. And thanks so much for your gifts. Or should I say blessings?
(I did leave feeling quite literally blessed.)

When I got home, after a bath, I used the Lourdes water you gave me on my
knees, and then the oil. And said my thanksgivings....

It gives me a strange feeling to even write this--but the next morning when
I got up my knees were more flexible (I could stand right away, something
that usually takes me ten minutes or more to do) and the pain had lessened.
Because it was a morning filled with moisture--some showers on the way & a
lot of chilly wind--I couldn't attribute this benefit to the weather. Of
course I didn't know if the improvement would last, but I walked much
better, and without a cane, all that day and throughout most of the weekend.

And I have continued to walk with much more ease and with minimal pain. I do
thank whatever powers might be! And can only hope that they will stay with
me. The water is, of course, gone--but I still have the oil (I gave a little
of it to a neighbor who has a sore ear.)

Wow! I really appreciate your gifts, Cecilia (and Brother Andre's and St.
Joseph's.) And I always get a lift from your company. Hope you and Loren
had a relaxing weekend away.

Thanks again. We are both so busy, but I hope we can stay in touch.

Happy Easter to you and to Loren and to all your family.

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