Friday, May 29, 2009

Figuring out Facebook

These past couple days I've been trying to figure out Facebook. I registered and have a site there (is that what it's called, a "site"?) I was surprised to see the number of family members, friends and acquaintances who are Facebook members. I went through the whole thing of filling out their profile form, and uploading a profile picture and other pictures. And suddenly I had all these people chattering away in my "wall" - I felt as if I were in a cocktail party and surrounded by a hundred people doing mini-monologues. Obviously I don't have to "listen" to all of them, but there they are on my page, with thumbnail pictures of their lovely faces and these messages they've thrown out into the world. "I'm not feeling great today." "Life is good today." "My first poetry animation." etc. etc.

One could sit in front of the computer and answer these short messages or peek into people's profiles, photos and lives.

I know some people with Facebook accounts who say they don't really use it; I see many who seem to have it on constantly, as they cast out messages to their friends.

I am not particularly fond of these truncated messages tossed out there, and the short little messages thrown back at you. (I'm not even going to look into Twitter!) I much prefer blogging where I can write something longer than a paragraph.

To my readers who wonder if I do anything constructive aside from travelling and messing around with Facebook, let me assure you that I have three book projects in production right now: Fundamentals of Creative Writing; Finding God, and Growing Up Filipino II.

All for now,

Jack pot question: Who is the man beside the younger Cecilia?

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