Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turkey Pictures Recovered!!!!!

With John Allen's help, the pictures that were deleted have been recovered! Hurrah! I had been sad believing I'd lost the pictures from the first 9 days of the trip. Some fellow travelers kindly shared their pictures, but I hankered for the pictures with us in them, and also other interesting people.

I'll be posting some favorites.
* First picture shows Lauren and me in front of the Blue Mosque. The next picture shows Nurten Hatirnaz, the editor of Bilge Kultur Sanat,the Turkish publisher that translated my novel.
* After is a picture of John Allen with a man who reportedly won the lotto twice, but also lost all his money so he's back to shining shoes; he's apparently famous in Istanbul.
*The one after shows the four of us in a cafe near the Grand Bazaar,staying out of the rain.
*The one after shows me in Asklepion, trying to look cool.
* Next is a picture of two women making their flat bread, pide. We had been watching the older woman knead the dough and use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and then using the pin, she rolled up the flattened dough, picking it up that way. She then lay it on another surface and deftly unrolled the dough. We all went, "Ahhh!" And the younger women laughed out loud at our reaction.
* Then there's the picture taken in Antalya - great sunny day, sipping Coke, raki, and beer.
* The four of us in Hieropolis.
* Next is a picture of me in Ephesus.
* Next is a picture of Lauren in the ancient Roman public toilet.
* Still Lauren in Ephesus with the amphitheater behind him. St. Paul talked to the Ephesians in that one.
* Next is Lauren in Pamukkale with the Cotton Castle behind him.
* That's me in the amphitheater of Hierapolis.
* And me again in Pamukkale with the Cotton Castle around me.

(definitely more these coming days!)

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