Friday, December 31, 2010

Cecilia Brainard 2010 Retrospective in Pictures

From top to bottom:
January - Cebu Normal University
February - India
April - San Miguel Allende, Mexico, with Lauren, Doug, Hilary, and Myrna
April - LA, with Linda Nietes, and other Filipino American writers
May - LA Library, with Miguel Syjuco
June - (photo taken in Mission Santa Barbara, California)
June - Cebu, Philippines, taken at Yap-Sandiego House
August - France,with Lauren and Michael Genelin
August - Kenya
October - LA, Gawad Kalinga, with Carina Montoya
November - San Francisco, with teachers of Galileo High School
November - San Francisco, with Veronica Montes
November - San Francisco,with Theresian High School chums (STC San Marcelino)

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