Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Trip to the Philippines & Vietnam - 1

I just got back from a trip to the Philippines and Vietnam and I'll be posting pictures in my blog in the next weeks. The visit to these places were great. More, later.
Top picture: picture taken during the taping of Amazing Cebu TV show, with Gavin Bagares (to my left) interviewing me and Stephen Azanar (to my right, with director and crew;
Next: l-r: John Silva, me, and Hilary Walling, having lunch at La Tienda in Bel Air after John gave us a wonderful private tour of the American Cemetery;
Third from top: l-r: Cecilia, Pat, Lauren, and Doug Noble having drinks at the famous Caravelle Hotel;
Fourth from top: Cecilia in front of Dragon made of flowers in Saigon park; the people were celebrating Tet;
Fifth: Cecilia and Lauren in the beautiful city of Hoi An, which used to be a major port until the river silted up;
Sixth from top: Cecilia at the Cham temple of My Son;
Bottom: Lauren and Cecilia in Saigon airport waiting for a Vietnam Air Lines flight to Hanoi (which turned out to be very, very cold - we had to fish out our jackets when we arrived! The hotel was caught off guard and didn't have adequate heat; our group had to ask for space heaters and extra blankets.)

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