Monday, August 15, 2011

More Pictures National Parks - set 2

I'm never going to get caught up blogging everything we've seen and done, so I'm just going ahead and mention that we made our way from Yosemite to Reno to Twin Falls Idaho to Craters of the Moon to the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone to Glacier National Park to Waterton National Park in Canada to Banff, Canada where we still are.

Banff is a picturesque place, as lovely as Chamonix or Alpine village, with shops, restaurants, and the grand old Banff Springs Hotel. It was gloriously sunny yesterday and light until past 9 p.m. but today it rained and was 43 degrees, very cold! The pictures show an elk nibbling away on the grass in Waterton Canada, and a bear in Waterton as well. In fact we saw six bears including a mother and two cubs, just of the road; it was very exciting.

There are also wildflowers along the roadside or on hillsides that are breathtaking. The scenes of rivers, waterfalls, forests of pines are incredible. I will post them later on.

One more interesting note: here in Banff, our Best Western Hotel has Filipino staff members.

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