Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still More National Parks - Set 3

Here are more pictures taken in Jasper National Park in Canada.

Along the drive, we saw my seventh bear (Lauren's eighth bear) along the side of the road, the closest ever, maybe 25 feet away, but I was in the car; otherwise the recommendation is to be a football field away from a bear because they move fast.

The closeup of the whimsical lamp was taken in the Fairmont Hotel in Lake Louise. The Caribou sign was along the Jasper National Park Highway. The glacier pictures were taken along the Jasper Highway; the glaciers are melting and are expected to be gone in 20 years. In a lunch stop at the Fairmont in Jasper, we ran into this bear family and also another couple, Mike and Connie Metzger, whom we had dinner with in Waterton a few evenings ago. The Mount Robson Park shot had to be taken because Lauren's middle name is Robson.

Here's a quick aside: the beef in Montana is really very good; the milk is also excellent - must be because the cows are grass fed. But the biscuits and gravy for breakfast are butt-thickening!

We are in Ashland Oregon(famous for their Shakespeare Festivals) and will continue south. Stay tuned for more!

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